What to do in the case of a tooth injury

A tooth injury can be serious business if it’s not taken care of immediately.  Dental emergencies are often the result of some kind of trauma to the mouth.  You should see a dentist immediately if you have any kind of tooth injury.  

One of the most important things to remember if you do have some sort of tooth injury is that you’ve got to save the tooth if has been knocked out.  Of course if the tooth is a child’s baby tooth, then you can’t have it re-implanted, but this is certainly an option for a permanent tooth.  The tooth must be re-implanted in the mouth within two hours of when it fell out if you want to save it.  To save the tooth, place it in a glass of milk and take it to the dentist.  If you don’t have any milk, then you can also save the tooth by putting it in your mouth.  The key is to keep the tooth moist with your saliva.  Just make sure that you don’t swallow it!

If you won’t be able to see a dentist within two hours of the tooth injury, then you should try to stabilize the tooth yourself.  Rinse it off with water and then place it into the tooth socket.  Press it down into the socket until the top of the tooth is level with the other teeth.  Then give the person something soft to bite down on to hold the tooth in place until a dentist can re-implant it. 

Even if you can’t save the tooth that was knocked out, it’s important to get it replaced.  Missing teeth can cause problems chewing or speaking.  It can also cause the remaining teeth to shift around inside your mouth and cause other problems. 

There are also other types of tooth injuries that will require you to seek dental help immediately.  For example, if you suffered trauma to the mouth and your tooth is almost falling out, then you should get help right away.  Excessive bleeding from the mouth area also requires an immediate phone call to a dentist. 

If you just chipped a tooth, then you may not need to call a dentist right away unless the pain is severe.  Some people decide not to fix chipped teeth, while others go to a dentist to get it repaired.  It really just depends on how large the chip is and if there is any pain from it. 

A cracked or broken tooth should also be repaired as quickly as possible.  Sometimes dentists will perform a root canal to repair a broken tooth.  Another option is to simply remove the damaged tooth.  The easiest solution to a cracked tooth is if the crack is only affecting the enamel of the tooth.  Then the dentist can use a crown to repair it. 

Seeking help for a tooth injury is just as important as other health problems, so don’t neglect your pearly whites!